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Of Memory & Los Sures

An animated oral history of a traditionally Puerto Rican neighborhood in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Voices of longtime residents of Los Sures (“the South Streets”) are juxtaposed with present-day images and archival documents suggesting a recently ...


The Butterfly

Struggle for Existence

Struggle for Existence

Struggle for Existence combines animation, archival and documentary footage to the tell story of an endangered finch on the verge of extinction in the Extinction Capital of the World — The Hawaiian Islands. The Palila ...



Island uses endemic New York grass plants from a local native plant nursery to recreate a wild, uncultivated patch of land; a forgotten bucolic vista of Williamsburg-Greenpoint. The live grass plants (Leersia virginica, Leersia oryzoides, ...

Outdoor video installation.

House of Glass

House of Glass is an outdoor video installation revealing intimate views of the historic Tropical Ravine House at the Belfast Botanical Gardens. A unique Victorian-era greenhouse built in 1889, the heated glass and brick structure ...


Gift (Belfast)

Gift (Belfast) is an on-going collaborative project through a gift of an artist’s box containing soil collected in downtown Belfast and Koki’o ke’oke’o seed (Hibiscus arnottianus), a white Hawaiian hibiscus native to O’ahu, the island ...



Transplant connects globalization, exotic plant trade, and the concept of “native” and “endemic” vs. “non-native” and “foreign.” Used to describe flora and fauna in conservation and ecology, the dialectic between indigenous and introduced species could ...



OxyTree® imagines a near-future where clean air is a premium, and trees are sold and marketed as “all-natural air filters.” Blurring the lines of sustainability, spirituality and science through an OxyTree® product display, the work ...


The Quieting

The Quieting allows the viewer to reflect upon their presence as a human in a natural environment. Speakers play an ambient recording of forest sounds; three paneled screens show the evolution of the Hawaiian landscape; ...