• A Paradise Lost

    A PARADISE LOST is a hour-long documentary film that tells the unusual tale of three witnesses–a bird, a hunter and a conservationist–describing loss and ecological change in the Hawaiian Islands, the most isolated landmass on earth. To fully explore these vastly unique perspectives, this hybrid live-action animated film is organized as character study vignettes which builds to reveal a universal picture of what environmental justice on an island means for the global community.
  • Ohana o ka Manu

    [huge_it_videogallery id="1"]'Ohana o ka Manu (Family of Birds) features birds unique to Oʻahu, Kauaʻi, Maui and Hawaiʻi Island, the Hawaiian bird ohana are invited to Oʻahu ʻelepaio ke iki's first birthday party. After making preparations, the birds all come together on Oʻahu for the big celebration. Five artists & 6 composers created a suite of animation and music to educate keiki about native Hawaiian Birds, performed live by the Honolulu Symphony. This was my contribution with composer Thomas Osborne and US Fish & Wildlife scientist Megan Laut. Supported by University of Hawai'i at Manoa, Bishop Museum & Honolulu Symphony. http://www.symphonyofhawaiianbirds.com/
  • Malama i ke kai

    An interactive public performance on Waikiki Beach about the plastic and trash that pollutes Honolulu's beaches and endangers native wildlife. Choreography by Kelly Wadlegger. Music by Hans Fahling.
  • Of Memory & Los Sures

    An animated oral history of a Hispanic neighborhood in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Voices of longtime residents of Los Sures ("the South Streets") are juxtaposed with present-day images and archival documents; unique glimpses into collective memory of a place undergoing rapid changes. Co-directed by Laurie Sumiye & Andrew Parsons, produced as part of Living Los Sures by UnionDocs Center for Documentary Art. Screenings at DOC NYC, BAM CinemaFest, PS1 MoMA.
  • Struggle for Existence

    In 2025, a woman journeys to Hawai`i to see the last 5 Palila. The film questions how life is valued and preserved by man as a species nears extinction, and considers how Darwin’s theory of natural selection counters our human instinct to “save nature.” Winner, Best Short Documentary American Conservation Film Festival, Best Documentary CUNY Asian American Film Festival. Screenings at Hawaii International Film Festival, DOCUtah, NY Asian American Film Festival.
  • The Butterfly

    From a cocoon, a butterfly emerges transformed from its dormant state. Song: “How My Heart Behaves” by Feist.